Commerical Package

A Flight Experience Tailored for You

Zebra Air offers a Commercial Charter Package to frequent flyers (i.e. high net-worth individuals and corporations) that is one of the best in the market.

By purchasing advance flying hours, Commercial Charter Package clients can lock in their cost base on flying time. Flying time can be pre-purchased at prices ranging from US$6,500 to US$10,000 /per hour depending on the type of aircraft and other terms (i.e. number of pre-paid hours, duration of the package, payment period and fuel surcharge).

Advantages of purchasing the Commercial Charter Package:


Commercial Charter Package clients get a cheaper cost per hour of flying time. The more hours you fly, the lower the cost.

Inflation Saving

The cost of everything increases over time due to inflation. By purchasing a pre-paid package, a client is paying today’s dollar for services that they can utilize for the next 5-8 years.


Being a Commercial Charter Package client is almost equivalent to “part ownership” of an aircraft.

The Commercial Charter Package is very viable for frequent flyers. It’s designed solely for corporate groups or individuals that fly at least twice a month.