How Zebra Air Works

We pay attention to every detail


Every client of Zebra Air is allocated an account manager whose job is to provide the client with the best charter solutions in the quickest possible time. They are trained to get to know what the client’s requirements are so that they can provide the perfect charter solution quickly and effectively every time. All account managers have knowledge of a huge range of different aircraft types, not just a particular category. This means that you can speak to the same person for any charter enquiry you may have.

Our VIP Concierge works 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure our clients can travel smoothly throughout their journey. We do not limit our service to just providing the ease of flying but we go one step further to assist our clients to book their transportation, accommodations and any other first-class experience they wish.

Each charter flight is monitored closely and any updates are reported to the client including airport slots, loading and unloading as well as weather conditions which may affect air traffic. Post flight, all details and feedback from clients are reported back to our management ensuring that our standards continue to be kept high.

One of the most important things that most companies do not understand and have failed to deliver – are flight time. When a client spends tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to fly private, he/she may want to fly a few hours earlier or later than the expected departure time (ETD). Sometimes, a client needs to add a few extra passengers. Rest assured that at Zebra Air will take care of all your needs and requests 24/7, 365 days a year whenever you fly with us.

Our clients have the full flexibility to decide when exactly they want to take-off and arrive at their own convenient time. Anyone who has paid for a private charter service deserves such flexibility. None of our clients ever miss their flight and they also do not need to rush to catch their flight.

You can take an extra hour for lunch, extend your meeting or you can decide to skip all these and fly earlier. This is how we work at Zebra Air. We work for you, always.